Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

Couples who work out together

SWEAT. It's probably not the first word that comes to mind when you dream about romance, but it could be! Alright, alright. Maybe not the first word, but wouldn't it be nice to exercise with your partner and grow closer during the process? Research shows that it can, and here are a few ways how ...

1. Make it a Date Night

Treat your Friday night workout just like you would a date. Instead of sweatpants and an old T-shirt, put on your nude colored leggings, a crop top, and favorite sports bra. Not only will YOU feel sexy, but your partner won't be able to stop staring all night.

Instead of splitting up to use different machines on opposite sides of the gym, make an effort to stick together and encourage each other during your workout. You may not use the same weights or run at the same speed, but that's OK! The goal of your date should be to learn about your significant other and appreciate them more ... different treadmill speeds and all!

2. Take Turns Leading

Take turns choosing the exercises and focus of your workout. There's typically a more dominant person in every relationship, so this may be difficult at first. However, encouraging your partner to lead will help foster trust and respect in your relationship, even outside the gym.

3. Challenge Each Other

Two are always better than one. It's easy to go to the gym, get in your normal groove, and just do what's comfortable. Ask your partner to challenge you and push you outside of your comfort zone. Perhaps it is just simple words of encouragement on your last rep "you, can do it babe!" Or maybe it's picking up your speed a notch on the treadmill so you finish that run at the same time. And what about a little flirting? Complimenting your partner's muscle pump, form, and how they look in their fitness wear, will challenge them to keep going and try harder for the duration of your workout.

4. Try Something New

Chances are that you don't have the same natural fitness interests as your partner. For example, you may love a good sprints session while your partner prefers power lifting. But like we touched on earlier, the goal of your date should be to learn about your significant other and appreciate them more than you did before. So, take your date night opportunity to be open minded and try something new together, like a HIIT class, kettle bell workout, or cardio - strength training combo. Not only will you challenge your body in a new way (which is the best method to stimulate growth) but you'll bond over a new experience, while learning about your partner in the process.

5. Do Partner Exercises

Partner exercises encourage greater interaction with your significant other, as you'll be using each other for resistance and support. Spice up your workouts by incorporating a few of these moves into your routine and see how much fun you have on your next date night.

Partner Pistol Squats

Stand facing each other, slightly staggered. Hold on to your partner's forearm, and position your weight over your right leg. Slowly bend your right knee and push your hips back into a squat, while your left arm and leg extend in front of you. Squat as low as possible before pushing yourself back up, holding on to your partner the entire time. Switch legs and repeat.

Decline Push-up Squats

Partner A begins in plank position, while partner B stands behind them and holds onto their ankles. While Partner A performs a decline push-up, partner B lowers into a standard squat. Switch positions after a certain amount of time or repetitions are completed.

Plank High Fives

Both partners should begin in plank position, facing each other. Raise your right hands off the floor, give each other a high five, and place your hands back on the floor. Repeat with your left hands for one repetition. Remember to brace your core muscles!

Standing Medicine Ball Twists

Stand up straight with your back facing your partner. Partner A holds a medicine ball in front of their chest. The exercise begins when partner A twists their core (feet don't move) to the right and hands the medicine ball to partner B, who twists their core to the left and receives it. Partner B now twists to the right and hands the ball back to partner A. Continue twisting and passing the medicine ball until the designated repetitions are completed.

Sit Up High Fives

Start in sit-up position (back to the floor, knees bent, feet on the ground and hands behind your head) facing your partner. You may choose to wrap your feet around your partner's ankles for greater stability. Use your core strength and raise your body into a sit-up. Touch your right hand to your partner's hand before lowering your body back down to starting position. Repeat and high five with your left hand.

Partner Wall Sits

Instead of performing a wall sit against an actual wall, you'll use your partner's back! Begin by standing back to back and slowly lower yourselves down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. You will need to walk your feet out a little bit in order to find a comfortable position for both of you. Hold this pose for 30-60 seconds before walking your feet in to stand up.

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